Shifting Beyond 2012 – Entering a New Era

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In this channeling, Adama speaks about the big picture of what was taking place on December 21, 2012. Especially how we can create our Heaven on Earth, leading up to this date and beyond.  He will also tell us step-by-step how we can shift into this new reality. 
He has a wonderful guided meditation for us called “Creating Heaven on Earth.”
Then he is answering your heartfelt questions such as:
  • How is Sound used in the higher Realms? 
  • How is Mother Gaia doing with her transition into the 4th and 5th dimension?
  • How to escape this dense matrix of our experience here?
  • Could you explain the power of surrender and thought?
  • What will happen on December 21, 2012?





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32 replies
  1. nestor ramses moreno
    nestor ramses moreno says:

    Hello my name is Nestor Moreno from Puerto Rico now living in Miami
    I built Tetrahedron pyramids and Merkabah with the assistant of Master
    Adama. Will love to visit Telos in M Shasta.

    • Annette
      Annette says:

      Hello Nestor,

      How wonderful that you are connecting with the Love and Inspiration of Adama.
      We wish you all the best for your work in Miami.
      Mt. Shasta is a magical place and once you are meant to visit here, the sacred mountain
      will welcome you with open arms.

      With Love and Light


  2. Rhianne Newlahnd
    Rhianne Newlahnd says:

    I deeply appreciate this message. My name is Rhianne NewLahnd. I chose that name a few years ago, to represent my awareness of stepping into a new land, a heaven on earth, a new vibrational realm. Since then, I have fully entered that realm and know it well, in is where I now spend most of my time.
    The times when I get pulled out, are painful. When I wish loved ones to enter with me, when I grow attached to worldly outcomes..but by the grace of the Goddess, I find that I am more than fifity percent engaged in my new life, and ready for the energetic shifts that are coming.
    I do know, as you said, that all is well. Those that will be with me in the New Land, are my family, lovers, brothers and sisters. together we will create anew, in great beauty and wisdom. I am there. Nothing is more important to me.
    I find that my life is filled with ease and grace, and beauty beyond description at times..more love than I have ever known, and it is not even the opening yet!!
    blessed be, thank you for this confirmation
    Rhianne Teija NewLahnd

  3. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Wow. That was grrrrreat information from Adama. When the last person asked what will happen 12/21?.. I know that answer was addressed earlier somewhat.. Yet it was clarified and I am grateful. I imagine the best way for me to integrate the energies of that day (my daughters 25 birthday) is to spend as much of it as possible in meditation. I’m wondering if others will do the same thing. Thank you so much for making this information available.
    Nancy Schramek
    Schenectady, NY

  4. Edith
    Edith says:

    Thank you very much for all the help, confirmation and input you provide for us. I am very grateful for your service, I feel very connected to you and I love you all unconditionally!

    With love,

  5. linda service
    linda service says:

    it is so inspiring to hear truth that you felt im so happy to have read dianne robbins books that led me to this i think something we have all longed for im afraid to let my buisness go but yet i want that freedom to do what i want but that last question answers mine thankyou for sharing the truth i do believe all we have to dois go to our heart that is where all truth lies hope to hear you one day on coast to coast am spreading the truth thankyou many blessings in light and love linda

  6. Annie
    Annie says:

    That was incredible ! WOW ! Everything made sense. It was very clearly spoken and all the analogies were very well said. I resonate with the fact that we each ARE choosing to create a preference or resistance and that creates our reality. Adama’s answer to that guy’s question (about a vail over his heart pertaining to his resistance) was SO WELL SAID. I got it immediately and I will apply what Adama said for my own life…. THANK YOU ! Namaste.

    • Eri
      Eri says:

      So good to hear about the shifts and adurntvees you have been moving with.I also experienced a great shift of purification and connections with amazing people during my visits to Mount Shasta in 2011. You helped me in so many ways and continue to. I love you spirit sister!

  7. Clare
    Clare says:

    Thank you Adama of Telos for the beautiful and enlightening messages that you bring to us. We are highly blessed people to be partaking in such a time as this. May we all continue to pass the torch of all that is shared in love for ourselves and others on our planet earth.

  8. lynette marlow
    lynette marlow says:

    I saw the staff and realised that I had seen similar ones a million times before… and made staffs in this world… this information is so natural and I recognise this information, it is comming back to me so easily.

    About three years ago I started working with frequencies, 528hz and theta etc. I have started briefly to work with colours but the sound frequencies are so much easier for me… this is confirming this information for me…

    Thank you my dear, Adama..

  9. Linda Brown
    Linda Brown says:

    I’m just now hearing this. It’s amazing, and perfect timing for what I’m going through currently. And just enough time before Dec. 21, 2012 to be more in the vibration of what I want. Than you so much Annette, for bringing forth Adama’s energy and wisdom! ? ? ?

  10. Elga Konietzny
    Elga Konietzny says:

    thank you Adama of Telos..
    you answered a question i had since a while,things are most clear now. I AM walking with ease and flow,
    I AM grateful to you, to Asara for providing the channel,to Source and to myself for finally awaken
    my profoundest thanks in Light and Love…

  11. Elyra Easton
    Elyra Easton says:

    Beautiful–so inspirational–so uplifting–I feel so much lighter just from listening to it. I loved the meditation–so profound–we can be Heaven on Earth now! Blessings and much gratitude to Annette & Adama–thank you , thankyou, thankyou, with all my Heart–love & joy to you both and all of Telos–Aloha from Maui–love Elyra

  12. Sandip
    Sandip says:

    Dear Annette

    I am from India and am waiting for that day when I will see Adama. Thank you for your sharing, I look forward to it so much.
    Divine Love

  13. luc
    luc says:

    sending you all divine entities my greatest respect and loving feelings
    that message was loud and clear – it moved my heart
    look forward seeing you in Telos one day
    many thanks for the divine work Annette (and the team)

  14. paloma.
    paloma. says:

    What an wonderfull confermation, to keep us on the path off raising our vibrations over and over again.
    My sincer thanks.

  15. paloma.
    paloma. says:

    Thank you, so very kindly for the beautifull meditation, and channeling.
    To remind us over again to keep raising our vibrations.

    Sincerly Paloma.

  16. Magdalena
    Magdalena says:

    Thank you Adama and all the sisters , brothers of Telos for all the great teachings ….you presence is a gift of the source to us .



  17. Susan T
    Susan T says:

    I was receiving a message, I believe from Adama. He kept saying that he has something of mine but I could not understand the word. It appeared to be some type of rod perhaps golden with a blue crystal at one end. I do not know what it’s called. Would you please assist me with this?

    Thank you,

    • Annette
      Annette says:

      Hi Susan,
      That sounds very interesting…
      Keep meditating on your question and ask Adama for more clarification.
      Perhaps start searching the internet for healing wands or crystal wands.
      There is an awesome healing rod maker, a dear friend of mine, that custom makes them.
      Feel free to check out his website:

      and scroll down to Lemurian Healing rods.
      See how that resonates with you.

      With Love and Light

      Annette ~Asara~


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