~Adama of Telos~

Stepping into Your Stargate:

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In this show Adama answers questions such as:

  • How to manifest more Abundance?
  • Which light ray to use for turning conflict into Peace and Love?
  • A fun question about the eating habits of the Telosians
  • And more…
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  1. Joe Entesari
    Joe Entesari says:

    I have a few questions.
    1- How about sex in hollow earth?
    2- Do we have to get married?
    3- Do we make unwanted childern or not?
    4- Do we go to bathroom, or we do not need to.
    5- How about insects, Do we need insect reppellant?
    6- Can we have sex with many partners at once?
    7- Do we have to evacuate the surface? When?
    8- Can i bring my 2 dogs and cat?
    9- Do you have dog and cat food?
    10- How about internet access?
    11- Do we watch movies in hallow earth?
    12- Do we cook? or just eat raw.
    13- How about vacations?
    14- Do we have weekeds off?
    15- Is Nezara before or after Evacuation?
    16- Do we burry the dead.
    17- Can we call and talk to ADAMA on the phone?
    18- Do you have doctors?
    19- Are there accidents in hollow earth?


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