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Which other topics would you like to see covered at this workshop?

Please make your suggestions in the comment section below.


Topics for the New Earth Integration Workshop so far:

  • How to Perceive the New Earth Reality?

  • What is the New Earth Reality?

  • How Can This New Earth Reality Change my Life for the Better?

  • How do we Create the New Earth Reality??Visioning of New Earth Reality – Become an Architecture of the New Earth

  • Connecting to the Mass Consciousness of the New Earth Reality

  • Your Active Part of the New Earth Reality

  • The Important Role of Love Vibration and sound for the Creation of the New Earth

  • Working with different light rays to assist in the integration and creation of the New Earth Matrix

  • A new perception of our higher dimensional civilizations and their role in it

  • How to live and Experience the New Earth in Your daily life


Please submit your topic requests and questions here in the comment section below: 🙂

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