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 Find Your True Purpose In Life
and Have Abundance at The Same Time!


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See What’s Included in This Powerful, Channeled Workshop
With Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael:

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12 DVDs (one hour each) of the entire workshop*
1 MP3 CD with all audio files
1 Manual (180 Pages) incl. Graphics for the New Chakras
Free Access to our Community of Light


Introductory Price $197

(Plus shipping and handling)

30 Day Money back Guarantee

Enter Discount code: 12ACTX
to receive a $30 Discount
Offer ends May 19, 2013!
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If you would purchase the items of this course separately:

12 x Full length workshop DVDs    $24.95/each = $299.40

1 MP3 CD with Audio files                                       =    $19.95

1 Manual with Color images                                    =    $39.95


Total  Price                                                                   = $ 359.30


Introductory Price $359.30 $197
You save $162.30

(Plus shipping and handling)

30 day Money Back Guarantee
Enter Discount code: 12ACTX
to receive a $30 Discount
Offer ends May 19, 2013!
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*The DVDs are produced in NTSC format only. (See list of countries using NTSC below)
If you are located outside of these countries, please make sure that you have equipment
that is able to read this format.

Countries using NTSC (The format of The 12 Activations of Light):
USA, Canada,
Antigua,Bahamas,Barbados,Barbuda,Belize,Bermuda,Bolivia,Burma,Cambodia,Cayman Islands,Chile,Colombia,Costa Rica,El Salvador,Ecuador,Guam,Guatemala,Haiti,Honduras,Jamaica,Japan,Mexico,Midway Islands,Netherland Antilles,Nicaragua,North Mariana Island,Panama,Peru,Philippines,Puerto Rico,Saipan,Samoa,South Korea,SaintKitts,Saint Lucia,Saint Vincent,Surinam,Taiwan,Tobago,Trinidad,Venezuela,Virgin Islands





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