What is The One Thing You Can Do
to Awaken The Ascended and Angelic Master Within,
Create Fulfilling Relationships and Live a Purpose-driven Life?

Activate Your New 12 Chakra System
to Transform ALL Areas of Your Life With ONE Easy to Use Workshop!

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Awaken the Ascended and Angelic Master Within!

Experience this Inspiring, Channeled Workshop
by Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael
to Activate Your 12 Chakra System!


It is a step-by-step system, packed with information, guided meditations
and exercises, so that Creating Your New Reality

becomes Easy:

Each of the 12 Activations explores a specific area of your life
so that:

You will be able to Attract True Love into Your Life

– Your Relationships become more Loving and Fulfilling

– You will be able to fulfill Your True Purpose in life with Joy

– You will be able to Create Lasting Abundance

– You will become Connected to Your Divine Guidance
to make the Best Choices and Decisions in Your life,
for the Highest Good of All That Is


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“With your training, I’ve recovered my integrity, and now I’m ready to live by Intuition. Thank you!”
~ Augusto Thomas, Mexico


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 See what’s included in The 12 Activations of Light
to Activate Your 12 Chakra System:

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Product picture 12 Activations

12 DVDs in NTSC*(one hour each) of the entire workshop
1 MP3 CD with all audio files
1 Manual (180 Pages) including Graphics of the New Chakras
Free Access to our Community of Light

It’s real easy to get started:

 just press the “Click Here to Order” button below.

Your precious package will be on its way to you within 7-10 business days

Enjoy and watch your life transform! 



Introductory Price $197

(Plus shipping and handling)30 day money back guarantee
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If you would purchase the items of this course separately:

12 x Full length workshop DVDs    $24.95/each = $299.40

1 MP3 CD with Audio files                                       =    $19.95

1 Manual with Color images                                    =    $39.95


Total  Price                                                                   = $ 359.30


Introductory Price $359.30 $197


You save $162.30

(Plus shipping and handling)30 day money back guarantee
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*The DVDs are produced in NTSC format only. (See list of countries using NTSC below)
If you are located outside of these countries, please make sure that you have equipment
that is able to read this format.

Countries using NTSC (The format of The 12 Activations of Light):
USA, Canada,
Antigua,Bahamas,Barbados,Barbuda,Belize,Bermuda,Bolivia,Burma,Cambodia,Cayman Islands,Chile,Colombia,Costa Rica,El Salvador,Ecuador,Guam,Guatemala,Haiti,Honduras,Jamaica,Japan,Mexico,Midway Islands,Netherland Antilles,Nicaragua,North Mariana Island,Panama,Peru,Philippines,Puerto Rico,Saipan,Samoa,South Korea,SaintKitts,Saint Lucia,Saint Vincent,Surinam,Taiwan,Tobago,Trinidad,Venezuela,Virgin Islands







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