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Feedback for our Divine Light Connection
~Master Class~ 


It was such a joy to have you attend our Class!

Soon we will roll out our next Classes and it would be so wonderful to hear about your experience of your class, so that we can continue to grow in our offerings.

You might have started, or are about to assist others with your wonderful gift. Your feedback and testimonial is a great opportunity to promote your work as a Lightworker. So, feel free to add your contact information and/or website to your input. This will be seen by thousands of people and will support you greatly in your work. Adding your profile picture to your information will make it even more personal.

If you don’t have a website or contact info, yet, we would just display your first name, first letter of last name and city.

Just fill out the form below and click the submit button. 

To Your Success! 🙂

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