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14 replies
  1. Alison Burke
    Alison Burke says:

    Thank you for inviting me, Asara. I am looking forward to this. The timing is right…I need this. My son and I do the Daily Activation of Light every day. We Love All our Blessings and count you among them.
    Much Love,
    Alison Burke

  2. Cindy Chadwick
    Cindy Chadwick says:

    Beautiful Ones – I know Divinely guided to your site. I always begin to rock back and forth and gently sob (not me consciously doing this) when reading your material.
    Know it is waves of love filling me. I am felt, seen and heard at my little kitchen table up in the pines in Colorado. Out of state in position I know not my work on this date, so will need to hear recording at a later time. Feel strongly what it is I am to do, perhaps needing one last surge of support and validation
    prior to leap! Thank you for your love, time and great care in the evolution of all! Only Love- Cindy

  3. Sidney
    Sidney says:

    Hi Asara,
    I’d like to offer my Gratitude once again to you for your Help, Support, Guidance and above All, your Loving Energy in All your endeavours to support and encourage the Ascension of individuals and Mother 3earth!
    I’d Love to offer you a Beautiful gift that I received from God to Help me moving g forward. You’ll have to find it on internet.
    It’s a song by Josh Groban, album called Awake (ha) and the track is called “Don’t give up” (You Are Loved)…. I mean, how perfect is that!!! The words are even better xxx
    Much Love

  4. Aracelis Fernández
    Aracelis Fernández says:

    Thanks so much for the link. I’m all signed up now. I’m truly excited. Everything seems to be falling in place just as it should.

    Love and light,
    Aracelis Fernández


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