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Books Recommendations:

  • 38 STORIES & EXERCISES For Kids ? Magical stories written in rhyme with interactive exercises to crystalize each of the 38 mindfulness concepts.
  • INNOVATIVE & UNIQUE ? The cards go beyond typical affirmation cards for kids and meditation cards for kids through creating a pathway into expanded consciousness.
  • TOUCHING THE MIND, HEART, BODY & SOUL ? Explore themes of self-love, empowerment, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, positive thinking, mindfulness, peacefulness and connection to people, animals and nature.
  • ALL MINDFULNESS MODALITIES ? Facilitating growth through imaginative play, guided visualization, meditation, breathwork, positive affirmations, physical movement, grounding, sounding, introspection and dialogue. The most comprehensive mindful game cards on the market!
  • PERFECT FOR TEACHERS & GROUP SETTINGS ? The extra-large format and durability of the cards make them perfect to use in group settings, including classrooms and kids yoga classes. The cards employ readable printed text for ease of use in any setting.


The Course is a self-study system under the guidance of our inner teacher, the Holy Spirit, towards awakening to oneself. Its emphasis is on the experience of healing our suffering, which is at its source a belief that we have separated from God and are in spiritual exile. The book focuses on the awareness and awakening of the difference between the ego and spirit. It teaches that the world is an illusion and it’s primary focus is in helping the reader relinquish fear and instead accept love as the primary emotion by seeing through the illusion of the physical world. Messages from Jesus, Channelled by Helen Schucman.


“Unveiled Mysteries” is a record of Guy Ballard’s Experiences beginning on Mount Shasta with the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Learn about your I AM Presence, Ascended Master Retreats and Ascension in this amazing book series.


“Dianne Robbins wrote the 1st TELOS book ever published in 1992.

Her Telos book opened the way for people worldwide
to make their own connection to Adama and the City of Telos.

The messages in her book were dictated by Adama,
word-for-word, and never edited.

Each sentence carries the pure flow of energy from Adama
that connects you to Telos through Adama’s own vibration.”

Her website is

Telos Books By Aurelia Louise Jones: