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Activate Your New Ascension Chakra System
With This Channeled Workshop:

The 12 Activations of Light
with Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael
through ~Asara~


Adama and AA Michael side by side


Product picture 12 Activations

Step Into the New Earth With Your Activated 12 Chakra System!

Channeled Workshop with Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael through ~Asara~

Transform Every Area of Your Life:

– Activate Your New Ascended 12 Chakra System

– Activate Your 12 Strands of DNA

– Visit the 12 Crystal Temples of Telos in your Light-body

– Powerful information, activating guided meditations and useful tools for your daily life

Here’s what’s included:

– 12 DVDs (one hour each)

– 180 page Manual with high quality graphics of all 12 Chakras

– MP3 CD with all audio files of the workshop

– 12 Hours of Channelings


$297 Special Price: $197 (Plus Shipping and Handling)

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Dianne Robbins testimonial

1 reply
  1. Elga Konietzny
    Elga Konietzny says:

    thank so much Asara
    it is amazing how much help and guidance the Light Beings bring to us
    i feel truly loved and supported,,this message and assistance came non to soon
    finally i realized the root of my deep heart ache,,now is the time for healing
    i give Thanks and Gratitude to Adama
    and i thank you Asara to be the Messenger

    in profound Love and Light



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