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Video Channeling by ~Asara~:

How to Create Loving and Lasting Relationships – by Archangel Michael:

– Video download (length of video is one hour)

– Create relationships that are fulfilling, supportive, loving and lasting in this new era

– Guided meditation to download the new heart codes of Light 

– Learn how to see your relationship through the eyes of Source

– Learn how do I attract your new love

– Find out how to ignite a new spark of love in your existing relationship

Plus This Bonus Q & A with Archangel Michael:

– How does one know if somebody is channeling Source?

– How does one become an Archangel?

– How can I heal myself?

Plus Bonus Meditation for Ascension


Convenient download for any computer, tablet or MP4 player


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2 replies
  1. Shann Ruggles
    Shann Ruggles says:

    The Voice played, however there was no functional video…perhaps there was no video on them?

    D’You suppose God is telling me something?
    Ive known about the 12 Chakras from several years thru teachings from ReikiPLUS
    Glad that word is *Finally getting out to the rest of the Lightworkers..and those interested in the Estoteric teachings..

    Blessings Always


    • Annette
      Annette says:

      Dear Shann,

      Thank you for your kind message.

      You might have to update your Javascript on your web browser.
      (you can Google how to do that for your type of computer and web browser you’re using)

      This might fix the problem with the video. 🙂


      With much Love and Light



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