Star Seeds and those who are resonating with
Sirius, Arcturus, Lyra, Pleiades, Venus, Alpha Centauri and Andromeda,
Lightworkers and Caretakers of Planet Earth:

Take Your Galactic Contact Experience
to The Next Level!

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Prepare For Galactic Contact
(In-person contact or witnessing crafts in the sky)
With These 3 Key Elements:

1. How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies
2. How to Connect to Group Consciousness For Galactic Contact
3. How to Focus Your Intent Specifically For Galactic Contact


This workshop is for you, even if you have attended the
live Galactic Contact Event in Mt. Shasta.

Receive Assistance From Your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides,
Families and Friends of Telos and Galactic Families Light and
Take Galactic Contact to the Next Level to:

– Re-unite With Your Galactic Family of Origin
– Experience The Profound Love From Your Galactic Family of Light
– Receive NEW Technologies for Healing and Rejuvenation

– Receive Energetic Upgrades to Prepare For Easier Contact
– Learn How to Have a Direct Experience in Person
– Have a New Understanding Of Your Existence and Purpose

– Create a New Reality of Collaboration between
humanity and Galactic Civilizations of Light


Here Is What’s Included In This Workshop:

– Activations from your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Telosians
and Galactic Family of Light, to Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies

– Specific Meditation Sequences To Make Galactic Contact Easier

Powerful Sacred Geometry to Assist with this process

– Information on How to Deepen Your Contact Experience

– Connect With The Highly Evolved Group Consciousness
For Galactic Contact

– How to Refine and Focus Your Intent For Galactic Contact

– Questions & Answers

Download IconThis workshop is available as a Digital Download,
so you can enjoy the activations right away!

Here is What Participants
of Asara’s Galactic Contact Workshops Experienced:


“Asara’s workshops are incredible! I learned so much from her.
Every time she has an activation in her workshop, the energies are palpable!
Her personality puts me at ease right away and I could feel a Galactic being, right in front of me.
Can’t wait to join this one!” Melinda A., Los Angeles, CA

“I was sceptic at first, if these kinds of workshops really work, to make contact with Galactics.
But then, I used Asara’s information and I was able to see a craft in the sky, at my first try.
This is so awesome!  ” Travis B. Boston.

“Asara’s workshops are so clear and easy to understand.
She is so loving and of a high vibration and very practical and hands on, at the same time.
Usually, I have trouble seeing or feeling my Angels and Guides,
but with her help I was finally having a real experience with them.
Thank you, Asara!” Debby L. Phoenix, AZ.


Adama and AA Michael side by side

As always, we will be accompanied by our
Divine Guides and Angels, including
Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael

blue-paw-print-with-gradient-mdA Portion of the proceeds will be donated to
The Animal Place
~ compassion in action ~


Get this Breakthrough, Two-Hour Workshop
And Take Contact With Your Galactic Family of Light
To The Next Level!

Energy Exchange $197  $97

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