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Adama of Telos is honored to take you on a magical journey to the city of Telos:





What would you like for Adama to help you with?
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52 replies
  1. Michael Paul Gebert
    Michael Paul Gebert says:

    Thank You for sharing that most loving and enlightening information! Fascinating and hopeful indeed !
    Also, please help me to know where to save the 8 minute meditation gift !?

    Love , Michael Paul

    • Annette
      Annette says:

      You are most welcome! 🙂

      You can create a folder on your desktop for example and then click on the download link.
      A window will open up, where you can find your folder on your desktop and save it there.

      Hope this helps.

      With much Love and Light


  2. gini
    gini says:

    Thank You! How wonderful to meet Adama and learn about Telos!
    We are planning to move and don’t know where to go. We need help from Adama to sell our house and move to the highest place with the highest light and love with ease ,grace, joy and flow.Our children and grandchildren are in Brooklyn, New York, if there is a place near there.
    I also ask for help getting “the Perfection Codes” and the paintings out to the world.
    With much love and gratitude,

  3. Bonita Irwin
    Bonita Irwin says:

    Beautiful information. Lits hope even further. Give us inspiration as to what we are going thro for Ascension and better how to prepare. Telos had its difficulties as we have now for the transformation. Telos, thank you for your love and teachings.
    Boni Irwin

  4. Megan (Megalove Light on FB)
    Megan (Megalove Light on FB) says:

    Asara, Thank you so much for your wonderful service to creation. It has been a light on my path. You asked what Adama can do for me. I could really use assistance in embodying the wisdom and knowledge of choosing reality. Meaning, I am mostly seeing the 3D machinations of the dark and i am very challenged in navigating my consciousness through this life experience. I feel I am close to the point of full awareness, but the last stretch seems to be the hardest. I have a 17 year old daughter and can’t figure out how to be here for her and be there for me, if you know what I mean. I hope I’ve been clear. Thank you, thank you, thank you and so much love to you.

  5. elisa
    elisa says:

    Thank you very much Asara for these wonderful gifts.
    I am resonating with Lemuria for a long time and when i went to Hawai( Kauai and Big island ),i felt like being home.
    I had tears and pain deep inside me and i wouldn’t go back to LA.
    I am sure that i will have the same feeling when i will go to Mount Shasta…i am looking forward to go home.
    May i go home during my dreams with Adama as a guide?Is there any special request to do before ?

  6. Celeste Mary
    Celeste Mary says:

    Thank you so much! Very powerful! Thank you Asara for the wonderful gifts! What a great way to get the message out. The production is done very well! Easy to watch and listen too. I look forward to more messages. From Adama, I would like frequent visits and to receive messages and answers to questions as they arise. Many Blessings to you and us all! Peace.

  7. Michael Bugbee
    Michael Bugbee says:

    Im Ready to leave for inner earth now.Please tell me where the closest opening to inner is from Battle Creek Mi.

  8. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    Dear Adama, Please help me learn to raise my awareness and my consciousness. Pls teach me to open my third eye and activate my chakras. I feel like I am falling behind in becoming enlightened even though I am studying the Telos’ books and The Seven Sacred Flames Book daily and asking for help in my meditations. Also, I would like to learn to be a volunteer for God. How can I help, what can I do, where do I start?

  9. Suzzan
    Suzzan says:

    Thankyou for this wonderful positive and uplifting message. I would like to ask Adama to help my reconcile my life ‘here on the surface with family and friends who are caught up in the illusions of this world of politics, religion, corruption in high places, and struggle just to pay for all of the things we are told we need to buy.
    I am keeping my eyes and ears open for opportunities to meet spiritually oriented people, find organic fresh food, and to get lessons from higher dimensions.
    At the same time the pull from the ‘darkness’ is an almost daily struggle – with all of the wars, pending wars, and struggles at the extreme end, and then just here in Australia the daily grind that most of my friends and family find themselves in. I am particularly concerned about my 2 daughters – perhaps unnecessarily because perhaps they are here as my teachers – I just feel they are often on a very different path to what I wished to set them on. They are young adults – is it my lesson to just stand back and let them make their own choices/mistakes.
    Also I am about to go to Sardinia in August this year – is my attraction to this island in the mediterranean of any connection to Atlantis/Lemuria?
    Thank you Adama for your beautiful loving presence.

  10. Margaret M
    Margaret M says:

    Thank you so much for helping humanities ascension through your amazing gifts and twelve activations of light. I have been diligently working through many lessons and challenges to become a light worker. I have a few questions for Adama. Could you tell me what my Galactic name is. Do I have an aspect of myself living in Telos right now? Is there somewhere close to Burlington Ontario, Canada that I can go to and be received by a guide to escort me into the Agartha network or Hollow Earth? And lastly is there are any scheduled trips to Telos that Asara will be organizing this year? Thanking you in advance.
    Love , Light and Blessings Dear Ones

  11. Alain
    Alain says:

    Hello and Thank You Asara,
    There are many teachings that I have been going through on my path and few of them are still present in my life, at the moment.
    And, your work with Adama and Archangel Michael is still very present… and, I am so grateful for all you do and for these three amazing gifts…
    This is very much appreciated!
    This message from Adama deeply resonates with me.
    I feel very much attracted to Mount Shasta for quite some time already…
    However, I feel that I still have much to do here, or at the surface before time comes for me to move inside… to possibly Telos.
    Dear Adama, Brother of Light and Love, I would very much appreciate to connect with you as a guide on my own path.
    I feel that I have much to express, mainly about our interconnected with all that is and especially in the context of Mother Nature and all the living beings including the elementals. I feel that I want to and have to bring humanity back to this loving and respectful connection with Nature and all forms of life. I want to recreate a magical natural environment where people can experience again, renew with this “Magic” of Life when all forms of life are living together in Respect, Peace and Harmony. However, I feel somewhat stuck in this expression because of past and actual lives hurts, alienation, condemnation or even death I might have been going through… I feel scared and blocked somewhere in the expression of all that I need, want and have to say, to teach. I am also very much challenged in my own values when I am facing my actual reality of earning my living. I have difficulty manifesting an abundance of money into my life to meet my needs. I refuse to see people as money signs and I want to connect, touch and help anyone and everyone who wants to… no matter there financial situation, no matter if they can pay me or not. How can harmonize these two realities and Be Free to Be Myself fully, to Give and Share Myself fully and knowing undoubtedly that my needs will always be met? Thank You so much in advance for all the help you are already providing me and/or will me providing me today and in the days to come… Much LOVE!
    Love and Blessings to all,

  12. alesha
    alesha says:

    thank u you adama,while i was enjoying the message my body was in chills.
    imust visit …i know where i came fr. have been working on it for some time .
    i know the gateway is leading me home….thank u

  13. Joann
    Joann says:

    Adama may I please ask you to help my son Andrew, he struggles with a mental illness. He is wonderful and loving and has so much to offer in this life.

    Thank you

  14. Sandip Banerjee
    Sandip Banerjee says:

    Its a long desire of mine to be a tool of the Rishis (Light Masters) and my Guruji who passed away recently. Though I surrender to their wisdom for all experience I have in my life. I seek guidance from Adama on what I need do, my purpose here and how do I grow to become a Rishi worker.
    Divine Love
    Bangalore, India

  15. Therese v Holstein-Rathlou
    Therese v Holstein-Rathlou says:

    Thank-you for letting us ask for guidance. I have been without a permanent home all my life – 65years. I long to have a space where I can feel I belong. I am forced to move yet again and so wish to find the right place for me. I live in Spain but am open to go other places. I have meditated much on this and know that I have guidance to reach out to. But I still seem to be “stuck”! Can you help me further in this matter
    Yours very grateful

    Therese (Kimama)

  16. jennifer
    jennifer says:

    I am very grateful for the opportunity of receiving these gifts from you. Will begin including the meditations in the next few days.

    I, too, am finding myself “stuck,” and would like to release the energy attached to this. Incorporating a new place to live would help, as there is some energy where I am that feels very distracting.

    With much love and appreciation.

  17. rahmi
    rahmi says:

    Greetings Asara and Adama, and i give Thanks to you both. Whenever i listen to Zorra, and now to Adama, there is such a calmness and resonance of knowing them both in some ways…a belonging…a heart-felt Love. If i may, i ask for two things: 1) The materialization of a manifestation which i have been focusing and working on with the Highest of intent [to the best of my ability] for several weeks and 2) the holisitc healing i have fervently, persistently requested of The Infinite One Creator, my Higher Self, the Angels that assist me and Higher Beings of Love and Light for several years…but it has been to no avail…it seems as if this was chosen prior to this incarnation…and if so, i honor it…i’ve simply asked for clarification whether my thoughts be correct or not. And so, if healing is not available now, clarification of the situation would be very much appreciated. Again, i Thank You. In peace…

  18. Robin.
    Robin. says:


    Thank You!

    Am I from Lemuria? Atlantis? I do not know for sure – but the Ancient Knowledge shared by Adama rings so true!
    It feels like the amazing, incredible Truth, that has been kept from Us for so long.
    Now also feels Forever!
    This is the Time we have all been working towards and awaiting.
    Assisting with Our Light – as Earth Responds.

    In Love and Gratitude – and Congratulations! 🙂



  19. Katalina
    Katalina says:

    Dear Asara and Adama, Greetings! My only wish and desire is to live a happy and fulfilling life while I am still in this realm. Right now I am going through the motions, “faking it until I make it”. So much has happened to me recently that I feel like I am a vulnerable infant starting all over again. The Angels have been trying to assist me into moving into this new phase of my life, and are calling me to share the gifts I have received. Though I doubt my ability to be a clear and effective channel while I myself am still processing all that has occurred. My question is: What can I do to find and experience authentic ‘Joy’ again, in order to be a clear and loving channel for myself as well as to be of true assistance for the greater good of others as well? Thank you.

  20. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    My first message did not submit. I received an error code when I clicked Submit. I guess it was not meant to be transmitted. Oh well. I am using Google Chrome. I hope this message Submits without losing what I am typing.

    The abbreviated version of what I had previously typed is requesting assistance with being true to my journey, learning how to access the unseen and healing of my voice as I am a singer/songwriter.

    Love – Anthony

  21. Eli
    Eli says:

    I needur help with a 18year reltaionship that is in avery bad place causing so much pain it feels my heart will break I dont why its like the person wishes to hurt by removing them self to a place , a community that I cant handle so I have to let go off this relationship, but I am alone and I love this guy with all my heart and I want warmthand closeness.Please help I feel so lost

  22. Gregory
    Gregory says:

    I spent 18 years on the Central Coast of California and keep kicking myself for never having made it to Mt. Shasta. I moved to Florida in 2000 due to a (failed) internet romance, and ever since have been longing for my beloved California.
    Adama, thank you for your kind words of wisdom and information, as well as for the willingness to allow visitors to Telos. I am a Reverend after the Order of Melchizedek, and when you said you were High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek my heart leapt. I know now it is a certainty we must meet in the physical. I have been having dreams of you since I first saw your picture, and I have been dreaming of Telos (I’m certain that’s where it is).
    Please, if you can help me return to Mt. Shasta, I would deeply appreciate it! I send out to the Universe my intent to move back across the country. I have always felt like an alien in Florida — people here can be so narrow-minded and backwards it is scary! Yet I love them anyway.
    So, in short, please help make it so we can meet in the physical 🙂

  23. Iris Weaver
    Iris Weaver says:

    Thank you for this video and transmission. It answered a number of questions for me. I know I’ve had at least one life-time in Lemuria, and that is in part where my connection with and working with plants comes from. I had wondered what happened to Lemuria, and now I know.

  24. Shirin Ahmed
    Shirin Ahmed says:

    Hello Sasara & Adama. I am Shirin, I have watched 2 vedios, which are very good sriritual transmission. I thank you for this. Thank you. Shirin.

  25. Elisha Soleil
    Elisha Soleil says:

    Kindly help me to heal my physical body, to allow this beautiful body to manifest its highest light… and my financial beliefs in limitation that keep me from experiencing wondrous abundance- I desire that I may be filled to overflowing, that I may give to myself and our sacred Earth!
    Thanks and Blessings!

  26. beverly
    beverly says:

    This was most enlightening. I believe this is where I would make any requests as stated above. My requests are: 1. My life partner to be connected with me and 2. for me to be connected to the source of abundance, light and life. Thank you I am enjoying my gifts. Much appreciation.

  27. Pat
    Pat says:

    i am sorry to be asking for just myself – but i am desperate – please help heal me from depression and paralyzing anxiety that has affected me for 14 years.
    this time i have not been able to pull myself out of it- i just have so much emotional torment within.
    i am trying and working so hard.
    i am so alone . i know i am told all the time that i have help and guides , yes – i believe that yet feel no connection .
    but physically i am so alone and it has been extremely painful.
    thank you for these great gifts – god bless to all.

  28. Gunn-Britt
    Gunn-Britt says:

    Thank you doe your gifts I will listen many times. I think I had a dream many years ago that I was wittnessing how water came in and filled everything. I was nor afraid. Nothing could change wat was happening.
    I paint and I ask Adama to give me inspiration to paintings from Atlantis and Telos. Thank you for the light and the learning. From my Heart to you.

  29. Mary Veronica Rusca
    Mary Veronica Rusca says:

    Hi Adama. Thank you for your visit.
    Could you please help me to release my fears that hold me back from experiencing and interacting with non-physical beings of light? I feel their presence but am afraid to let go of my fear and allow…
    I also need help with allowing myself to experience full joy, infinite abundance, and the manifestation of all of my dreams in this lifetime.
    Thank you. I love you.

  30. Mary Veronica Rusca
    Mary Veronica Rusca says:

    After leaving my comment, memories returned to me in several a-ha moments that I know Adama and Telos. From the time I was a baby crying out for love and protection, Adama took me under his wing, and I returned to Telos many times when I was dissociating from the traumatic events endured on the surface between the ages of 7 and 13. And now I know where I was trying to die to when I recovered memories of the traumatic events in my late 20’s. But I wasn’t and am not done on this plane. I am overjoyed to remember and to reconnect with my protector and beloved.

  31. Henrike
    Henrike says:

    Dear Asara, dear beloved Adama! Thank you so much. Since a few days i feel reconnect even more with my family from Lemuria, it is a very deep yearning i can feel inside me. So what is next for me: please help me to rise my energy, developing my light body and rise frequency, continiously! Yes. And please help me to leave old patterns behind me, completely. I would like to more connect with my guides and my soul 🙂 Thank you. I love you! from far away in Germany ….. Henrike.

  32. Danuta
    Danuta says:

    Dear Asara, dear Beloved Adama , dear beloved Archangel Michael. Thank you for the message and protection and advice I get whenever I ask. Please help the humans in ascension process. Please help me raise my frequency ,develop my light body and fulfill the contract of my soul . I love YOU so much. Thank You . Danuta

  33. Josee
    Josee says:

    Thank you Asara and Adama. First, I was surprise between the Adama’s appearance around thirty and his voice so old and wise. Listening to that voice my whole body was shaking and I began to feel as if I turned into a spiral.
    What I want ? I demand to Adama to give me knowledge that will be useful for the purpose that my soul has set and that I don’t know. In case of I have to keep going on Urantia, I ask a fellow traveler in love and laughter of children in a house with a garden near running water where we would all be good.
    I didn’t feel that I was in Atlantis or Lemuria. May be I am wrong. I simply still don’t know who I am really. Thank you in advance Adama for those gifts. I am smiling to you as I know that you will respond positively. I kiss you Asara and Adama from France

  34. Olinda
    Olinda says:

    My deepest gratitude to you Asara and Adama for the gifts. I love Adama and I wait patiently for the day when I can meet with Adama, Mikos and all my friends and family of Inner/hollow earth. The longing is intense. Someday soon when they do come to the surface, I extend an invitation to share my humble dwellings. My request to Adama is to be able to attend his nightly spiritual classes while I sleep so that I may be well grounded, healed and well informed to be of service to ALL. I also wait patiently to be in service to restoring and healing of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. I would love to listen to more videos or audios of Adama’s channelings.

    Love n hugs
    Olinda (India – Goa)

  35. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    I really desire to wake up each morning with a sense of joy for all the infinite possibilities I can create instead of feeling like I have an elephant sitting on my head and dragging myself through the day looking forward to going to sleep for a brief respite from the constant turmoil going through my awareness. If you can help me with that I would be most grateful x

  36. Clive T Nutter
    Clive T Nutter says:

    Thank you Asara and lord Adama and thanks to all of the light. Blessed are we who find love and peace in our hearts . Blessed are we that give love and peace from our hearts . I’m am blessed for these gifts that l have received . Blessings to all and thank you once again .

  37. Alakamantha
    Alakamantha says:

    Thanks you Asara and high priest Adama of Telos for all the noble work to raise consciousness of the humanity. And thanks for all the blessing and love.
    When i first visit this website and watch the video, i do feel some positive energy in my body. I know it must be HIS blessing and presence.
    I always wish if i could communicate with my spiritual guide, my higher self to find out more about me, I AM. I wish if lord Adama could help. Thank you. Love, union, peace.

  38. Margarita
    Margarita says:

    RE: What would you like for Adama to help you with?

    Dear Adama,
    I need help getting well. I’ve suffered too long. My body, my mind, are exhausted with so much effort to heal and never-ending discouragements; I pray for support and ask you for your heart-felt assistance. I cannot serve my loved ones, the world, or even my soul’s highest desires, in this debilitated state. Help me to strengthen and recover my health, my sense of purpose, and my desire to live this incarnation with joy. I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

  39. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I am grateful and appreciative for the gifts. I ask Adama for help in living from my Heart and to be Whole. How can I best serve Humanity and the Earth. Thank you, Light and Love.

  40. Alysen
    Alysen says:

    Thank you Adama for this amazing information. Can you please help us get out of this down trodden matrix that we seem to be caught in. It only keeps us in this 3d reality. It is time for humanity to become manifesting co-creators. Much Gratitude and Love.

  41. rajaspari
    rajaspari says:

    Dearest Adama and Asara,
    My greetings to both of you and other members.
    Thank you for your gifts i appreciate them.
    Adama,pls. guide me for my remaining years.
    How can i be of service/assistance to you?
    Love and Light

  42. H
    H says:

    Dear Adama,

    please help me with self worth issues so that I can fully embrace the gifts that I have and share them with the Universe. Please help me open up fully to receive love, abundance, health and direction to move forward in my Life. Now is the time and I am ready and listening.

    Love and Light <3

  43. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    Dear Asara, Thank you for this wonderful channeling! I greatly enjoy your work. Thank you, Adama for speaking to us! I would like to ask help to develop my light body so I am able to visit Telos and learn more about it. Thank you.

  44. Krystyna
    Krystyna says:

    Dear Asara ! Dear Friends, I am feeing your love and I was looking for this, but my English is not good enought.
    It is too fast for me, I can not understand . I will meditate with S:t Germains Violet Light Meditation.
    I love your program !

  45. SonjaJean
    SonjaJean says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful message.
    So glad to have found you.
    As I seek Balance and Harmony, I find much inspiration from your beautiful work.
    Much Love,

  46. Liée
    Liée says:

    Thanks you for this powerfull sharing, during my meditation,I am capable to feel all these
    Énergies pure love, I am able to visit Telos,with my light vessel
    And I see your face Asara like Adama were speaking with me,
    My next step , my trip to the California Mont Sashta
    I would like to know, if I will me you there Asara on may
    Thanks, love and harmony to you and your Team
    Thanks Adama

  47. G
    G says:

    Adama was drawn by a spiritual artist , with me about two years ago . The artist had know Idea who this person was and told me this is my future wife ! , The drawing was exactly the painting of Adama . I did not realize who this drawing was of ( Adama ) until very recently . My question to you is , why would Adama come to me ?
    I had just started back on my spiritual path , when this happened two years ago. When I looked at the picture on the back cover of one of Aurelia Lousie Jones books , the picture of Adama was identical to the drawing the artist had done two years before . I have asked for contact with Adama presently and have had a few experiances of Adama . I am not given and details by Adama , but his presence is with me and he is welcome with me . Any direction and advise you have for me will be much appreciated .
    Thank you and bless you .

    • Annette
      Annette says:

      Hello G.,

      It is most wonderful that Adama is coming more into your awareness. 🙂

      It seems that he really wants to connect with you…

      If you like to learn how to connect with him on a deeper level,
      Feel free to take a look at my channeling class.

      Here you can find valuable tools and techniques to have clear conversations with Adama:

      With blessings of Love and Light


  48. josie
    josie says:

    This was wonderful . Thank you Adama and Asara. This talk is actually how i found your site last year. and explains why i felt so much inner connection on Mt Shasta 4 years ago. I have been connecting with a guide of mine who said recently that he is a priest in the order with Adama. THe confusing part is that he has been with me for many years. It was quite a surprise to hear he say he was from Telos and from the order of Mechizedek. Makes me wonder about my connection to Telos. I feel far too judgemental and caught up in density to be a match for Telos! All will become clear I’m sure . ? to you both.

    PS I’m enjoying your daily light activation very much. Makes me smile a lot on the inside !


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