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40 replies
  1. clara
    clara says:

    Asara I really liked both your 2 min. visual introduction…you look absolutely radiantly Beautiful !!!!…..that’s just for starters…..

    the meditation is something that I’ve had loosely formed within myself, so imagine what a wonderful surprise to have it so well spoken, crisp like a sparkling dew drop, easy to follow of course, and just the right amount of time for us busy folks !!!……the music is not quite my thing, however I was happy that the production had your voice loud enough (or music soft enough…smile) so as to hear you clearly……so much of the music today is too loud under the spoken word…..I’m just not into that “older” fashionned synth. music….there is alot of really beautiful stuff that is sparkling, and sounds more acoustic…REAL strings sounding ya know?…….what you used seems outdated and boring? sorry…….I’m a musician so I’m a little fussy here……

    I have to say that I think this is FIRST CLASS, you, your speech, and the flowing hook up to Source that is coming through you….I’m 70 yrs old and have been around for alot of this sort of thing, and you are right there on the top in my view….I will definitely send this around…..

    I have seen you over at Scotts, and Wendy’s for a few channellings so this was a treat, to see how professional your “products” (there must be a better word but? )are becoming…, clara

  2. Kathie
    Kathie says:

    Thank you, thank you for this beautiful meditation. It is my favorite of any meditation I’ve ever done. I will continue to listen to it every morning. And so happy to hear from you again.

  3. Pennie
    Pennie says:

    Thank You for this awesome meditaton. And to feel the light that is in all of us and the world.
    Much Love and Light to You!

  4. michelle
    michelle says:

    This meditation is beautiful, and powerful . Thank you. I think it is important that meditations like this are shared and practiced regularly by as many people as possible, as there is great power in working as a group, and we and our Earth need to help each other raise our vibrations as much as possible, right now.

  5. Angel
    Angel says:

    I am new to your group, and I want to tell each and every one of you what a great pleasure it is to join in. The meditation with Syria wasawesome. The energy was flowing so very strong. It is an honor to be part of this loving, caring dynamic group that cares so much about humanity. You are all amazing 🙂

  6. Annie from AZ :)
    Annie from AZ :) says:

    What a wonderful meditation. It is a blessing that “people of the light” can gain and remain in peace in these hard times. I’m working everyday to remain positive and this meditation along with my Sanskrit mantras is helping me get through…. Thank you Asara.

    Namaste’ and Sat Nam

  7. Rosemary
    Rosemary says:

    I’ve tried lots of guided meditations and they are all good, but this one was a bit different, really enjoyable and with real tangible feelings when it was done.
    Namaste and thank you!

  8. Steph
    Steph says:

    Thank you, for a short powerful meditation that I can use throughout each day, to hear everything that I believe in put together so well is amazing! I will use this to pass on to my students. Love light and blessings. This was a sign for me that I am on the right path!xxx

  9. Cindy Ray
    Cindy Ray says:

    WOW, Thank You. I am soo blessed to receive this meditation and send blessings to all of you infinite beings of light.
    Namaste, from Columbus, Ohio

  10. Wendy Martin
    Wendy Martin says:


    Very nice, you have a great translucence about you. Very exhilarating to watch…!! And the fact that you don’t charge $10 for each little thing, this is a great message in itself and will lead you to great abundance.


    Windy Star

    Hope to meet you someday, at beautiful Mt. Shasta…!!

  11. RescueRangersOPES
    RescueRangersOPES says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful connection to the higher energy beings. This is a great meditation! Namaste!

  12. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    Thank you so much
    I first tried the video but the frequency was pro sky to much for my computer
    So I played the audio
    It was really great I was not aware that my vessel was so empty
    I fell right away asleep
    I woke up this morning feeling great 🙂
    Thank you

  13. Layla Wafiyyah
    Layla Wafiyyah says:

    I was weeping as I lay listening to your beautiful audio…My whole body tingling with such Love! A few minutes later my grandson came into the room feeling sick and feverish, so I got up and played my hands upon him however I was moved to, and poured that Love into him through my hands. After a few minutes I took my hands away and he said he felt much better. (I thought you should know what your “work” is inspiring…) Thank you for you generous gift.

  14. Michael
    Michael says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your time and efforts to make this site and even this page possible 🙂 You are really doing great work and inspiring many! Thank you


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