The 12 Activations of Light ~ Part One ~

The Root Chakra

Welcome to the product page of Part One of the 2012 Activations of Light!
Here you’ll find the full length video of this Activation. For your convenience we are also providing the three meditation videos and MP3s as separate downloads.


[Full Length Video]

[Download instructions of Full length video]

Meditation 1:Clearing and Healing your Root Chakra

[Video Meditation 1]

[Download instructions for Video Meditation 1]

[MP3 Meditation 1]

[Download Instructions for MP3 Meditation 1]

Meditation 2: Activating the Angelic Sword of Love

[Video Meditation2]

[Download instructions for Video Meditation 2]

[MP3 Meditation2]

[Download Instructions for MP3 Meditation 2]

Meditation 3:
Journey to the Crystal Temple of Ascension in Telos

[Video Meditation 3]

[Download instructions vor Video 3]

[ MP3 Meditation 3]

[ Download Instructions for MP3 meditation 3]

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  1. Dewy
    Dewy says:

    Beloved Adama, there is nothing in this life for me betetr, than to be in Telos with You & My Brothers & Sisters..Thank you for the Invite..I Am waiting!Love you the most!


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