About Elanon of Sirius

Elanon is a Galactic Being of Light who exists in the 10th Dimension at The Galactic University of Light. His consciousness is expressed as sounds and tones. He is one of ~Asara~’s aspects 600 of our years into the future. Eons ago, he tought, amongst other teachers, the Elohim and Archangel Metatron on how to create our quadrant of the Universe.

Now, Elanon has come to our time experience to offer us a stepped-down version of these teachings. As we are co-creating our Ascension experience, his information gives a new and fresh perspective on our reality. He has a playful and friendly personality and is enjoying the interactions with humanity most immensely.

Since the difference between our and the 10th Dimension is so vast, he can only connect with us through a channel. (In this case ~Asara~.) He is unable to appear to us in physical form, as he only exists as sounds and tones.


About The Galactic University of Light (Sirius University)

The Galactic University of Light is located in Sirius. It is a hyperdimensional location and is host to Beings from Dimension 4 through 11. Many Beings from these dimensions, and from all corners of the Universe, are attending the University to learn more about Co-creation, Living in Harmony with all civilizations and so forth…

Some students visit in their physical bodies and some in their light bodies – depending on their dimensional evolution.

This University is a hollow sphere of Light and has several entrance points, including a time portal (wormhole) in the center of it.

Elanon is dedicated to invite the human audiences to this beautiful University of Light for profound lessons on co-creation and Ascension.