Adama Speaks About Life in Telos


Adama is an Ascended Master and the  High Priest  of Telos. He serves as the head of the Lemurian Council of Light located in Telos. Adama is the Ambassador and a diplomat to the Galactic Federation of Light and represents the beings below and humanity above. He oversees the establishment of the crystalline grid around the planet.

Adama is also part of the leadership  of the Ascension Project that aims to assist humanity to ascend to the fifth dimension. This project includes the collaboration with the Ascended Masters of the 5th dimension such as Saint German, Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Master El Morya, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sanada, and Sanat Kamara. He represents the love and compassion of Telos and the Heart of Mother Earth.

The Great White Brotherhood of  Light and the Lemurian Brotherhood help in the ascension process.

Adama states that the key to Ascension is love: “love of Self, love of God, and love for all the family of Earth.” Mankind has been waiting for this event for many thousands of years.

His message is one of empowerment and the realization that we are all Ascended Masters, who have chosen to come back to this earth to experience this unique event of ascension for this planet.

Great emphasis is placed on raising the consciousness of humanity and oneself. It is discovering the Real Self and unlimited divine being, exploring your heart and the expansion of Joy.

Another aim is emergence. In order to make this possible, the people of Telos measure the readiness of the surface humanity. This includes both compassion and heart opening of mankind.  This will bring about the reunion of the two civilizations and all other realms of Light.

This raising of consciousness has created a paradise and a golden age of perfection in Telos and so it will be possible here on earth as well.

About the artist of the Adama painting:

Artwork of Adama by Glenda Green & Aurelia Louise Jones
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Adama is an ascended master and high priest of Telos. Telos is a 5th dimensional city, which has been established underneath sacred Mount Shasta, CA after the destruction of the two civilizations Atlantis and Lemuria. Adama’s message assists humanity to ascend with their physical bodies into the 5th dimension of love and light and to create Heaven on Earth. One of the tools for the ascendant (those who would like to raise their vibrational frequencies and to integrate their light bodies) is to raise our consciousness and to become more aware of the ongoing process of ascending our physical, mental, emotional and light body, which already has begun. We are most grateful for all the assistance given by the 5th dimensional realm of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Hosts.


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  1. Peter Theunissen
    Peter Theunissen says:

    Thank you for your valued enlightenment. It is true. We are Masters in Christhood training, qualifying degree is to become Christed. We get this free, all we have to do is to “go within”, remember? We get to discover the ADAMANTINE particle which changes our DNA through our intent, as mainly being unconditional love and as we do this we raise our physicality to more closely match All That Is. We go to HIM. Mission Accomplished. Then, as a highly potent generator, as compassionate and responsible creators, we attract that which we need, with ease. We do much more, because in Oneness with All That Is, we align with that which brought us here, thus serving All in existence. Wonderfully awesome! Peter Theunissen South Africa


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