The 12 Activations of Light
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Part 1, The 12 Activations of Light ($9.95)
Part 2, The 12 Activations of Light ($9.95)
Part 3, The 12 Activations of Light ($9.95)
Part 1 & 2, The 12 Activations of Light ($19.90)
Part 1 & 2 & 3, The 12 Activations of Light ($29.85)
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    Video is available in MP4 format for wide compatibility with all modern computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) and all major smartphones and tablets (iPhone/iPad, Android, etc.)  iPhone/iPad users may need to download the video file with a computer first and then use iTunes to sync/save the media file to your device. We also offer a MP3 audio version.
    Each activation video is available at high quality and regular quality for your convenience if you don't have an extra-fast internet connection. Regular quality is between 250-400 Megabytes in size, high quality is between 700 Megabytes to 1 Gigabyte. (Either way, a broadband internet connection is required like DSL, cable, satellite, 3G/4G mobile, or high-speed wireless -- not telephone dial-up. An audio-only version is available for dial-up users.)

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